Dentistry is a profession that has seen significant changes from the time of its inception. It began with a rudimentary understanding of the teeth, with its history dating back to 5,000 BC of Sumerians who believed tooth worms to be the cause of tooth decay. History has also archived the earliest recognition of a man gifted in treating teeth conditions. This is where the inscription of an Egyptian scribe gives testament to him being the greatest among those who deal with teeth. Aristotle and Hippocrates are but some notable names in history who studied dental development and the treatment of various dental conditions.

Fast forward to around 166 AD and the Etruscans have developed to using gold crowns as dentures. A barbers guild is set up in France in 1210 to recognize the profession of surgeons and hygiene specialists. Common barbers had the skill to shave, bleed, and even extract teeth. Specialized barbers were skilled in more advanced surgical operations, and underwent advanced training to be able to accomplish this.

Publications were made in the 1500s to assist the now emerging dentists to perfect their skill. This included proper techniques of tooth drilling, filling, tooth decay treatment, as well as ways of enhancing dental hygiene.

While visiting the dentist had been seen as an excruciating experience before, the developments that took place as it developed into a career made it humane in its approach. These developments took place in the 1800s coming forward. Such developments included the use of sedation in 1884, and the use of silver filling and other composites to restore tooth structure.

Today, the dentistry field has progressed on to use technologically advanced methods to treat dental problems. Here you get to learn about the development of the different types of dental treatments.